Hello my name is

Wesley Vuong


I'm a developer



When it comes to HTML im very familiar with it. Since i was a young boy i was inspired by websites and applications, how it's possible to make that happen.


I can put together great and innovative websites together with the help of a lot of different CSS frameworks. My favourite frameworks are Bootstrap and Fluid Js


PHP is great web programming language especially in combination with a PHP framework. Together with the Laravel framework i make great responsive websites.


With JavaScript, JQuery and Node.js i make dynamic websites.

It had always inspired me since i was young. What is behind this application, what is behind this website. How is this made possible. Now i know and it and doing it myself right now.

Curriculum Vitae.

Work Experience

Intern application developer

JAN 2016 - MAY 2016

Quickwins Heerhugowaard

Developing web and mobile projects within the company with mainly PHP and JavaScript

Application manager

JUL 2014 - JAN 2014

Dalton College Alkmaar

After a successful internship i was hired for a fulltime job as application manager with the same tasks.

Intern system manager

FEB 2014 - JUL 2014

Dalton College Alkmaar

Managing windows servers, workstations and providing support for end users.

Intern system manager

FEB 2013 - JUL 2013

Petrus Canisius College Alkmaar

Managing windows servers, workstations and providing support for end users.



Japanese restaurant Hasekura Heerhugowaard

General activities within a restaurant and haveing the responsibility over the rest of the employers

Snackbar employee

MAY 2011 - MAY 2012

Snackbar Big Snack Heerhugowaard

General activities within a snackbar.


Software Engineer

2016 - PRESENT

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Bachelor course for engineering software.

Application developer level 4

2014 - 2015

Regio College Zaandam

Specialized education for developing applications. Subjects: C#, PHP, XML, ASP.NET, JS and SQL

IT manager level 3

2011 - 2014

Horizon College Alkmaar

MBO certificate with specialized subjects in IT like: Computer hardware, Networking, Windows servers, Basic programming


2007 - 2011

Johannes Bosco Heerhugowaard

Highschool certificate with general subjects

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I like many other developers have been born with a amazing gift of converting cups of coffee and bowls of noodles into code, wich forms the foundation of software. A true miracle!